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Train Store (Версия: 3.2)
   Author - Tony Formoso (
   Version - 3.2 (released June 2005)

   This version has a number of additional facilities, and a number of errors have been corrected. See the Whatsnew.txt file for details.
   Train Store assists in storing MSTS Routes, activities and consists efficiently, without requiring changes to the MSTS configuration, and without making additional copies of files or installations of MSTS.
   Individual Routes and or Activities can be 'In Use' to MSTS, whilst the remainder of your MSTS configuration is 'In Store' and unavailable to MSTS.
   This improves MSTS start-up and closedown times dramatically. It also removes the problem of 'too many consists'. Changing between Routes and Activities is very quick. Combinations of Routes and Activities (or individual Routes or Activities) can be saved as 'Scenarios'.
   There is a facility to include additional 'Explore Mode Consists' and 'Explore Mode Paths' as part of the definition of a Route, so that the facilities can be used with or without Activities.
   The software allows the user to Explore in MSTS whilst using Loose Stock and/or AI Traffic from an Activity.
   A simple Information and Where Used analysis facility is included for Routes Activities and Consists, together with a rudimentary print facility. Stock Items or Consists with errors can be highlighted and selected for action.
   The software is very easy to use, displaying a 'tree' of Routes and Activities. Selection of a required configuration can be completed in 3 to 4 mouse clicks, including launching MSTS. Most of the facilities have options which can be set by the user.
   An 'Easy' user interface is included that allows you to choose individual Activities, or Explore Mode Consists and start MSTS automatically.
   An integrated viewer allows the user to see individual stock items and complete consists.
   Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German Polish and Spanish versions of the software are available now.
   Installation instructions  are contained in the 'Getting Started.PDF file, and full operating information is included within the "TrainStore.PDF" file.
   Additional sets of icons for customising created by Duncan Harris are included in the package. They can be found in the file
   If you would like a printed and bound copy of the Train Store manual please visit

   Copyright Tony Formoso 2003 - 2005.
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